Disabled band reduction

Homes that have been adapted for a resident disabled person may be entitled to a disabled band reduction. This means that council tax will be calculated one band lower than it would normally be.

You will need your 12 digit council tax reference number to apply for the reduction. It is on the top left of your bill under the address.  

You can apply if you, or someone who lives with you, is ‘substantially and permanently’ disabled.

If you qualify, we will reduce your council tax charge by the equivalent of one property band. Even if your property is in band A you can still have the applicable reduction.

To be able to qualify for a disabled band reduction you must meet certain criteria. You must have done adaptions in your home to meet the needs of the disabled person. Your home must have at least one of the following:

  • An extra bathroom or extra kitchen which is necessary to meet the needs of the disabled person.
  • A room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) which is mainly used by the disabled person.
  • Enough floor space created to use a wheelchair indoors. Where the disabled person needs to use one inside the property.

The room or the wheelchair must be essential, or, of major importance to the disabled person's well-being. This is due to the nature and extent of their disability.

Other fixtures on their own would not qualify for the reduction, these include:

  • Stairlifts
  • Handrails

A disabled person for the purposes of the reduction means:

  • a person who is substantially and permanently disabled.
  • the disabled person can be either an adult or a child.
  • they do not have to be responsible for paying the council tax bill.

To apply, complete the form below and provide as much detail as possible.

 Apply for Disabled band reduction

Once you have told us the details, we will consider your application. We will notify you of our decision by email or in writing. If needed, we may contact you for further information or to arrange an inspection of the property. It would be helpful if you can provide a daytime telephone number and email address.

You must still pay the amount on your existing council tax bill until you hear from us. We will issue a new bill if you qualify for the reduction.


If you paid by Direct Debit, we will refund any overpayment back into your bank account. Otherwise, you will receive a credit notice so that you can claim a refund.