Apply for a refund

You can ask for a refund if your council tax account is in credit

Please note, you will need your existing 12 digit council tax reference number, in order to claim a refund. This can be found on your latest bill.

If you have overpaid on your council tax account, but you have other debts for council tax within the Newcastle City area, we will usually use the credit to reduce the balance outstanding on what you owe.

If you have moved out of the area or you are not responsible for council tax at your new address or any other properties in the area, and if you paid by Direct Debit, any overpayment will automatically be refunded back into your bank account when your council tax account is closed.

Alternatively a credit notice will be issued so that you can claim a refund.

Please note, if you are jointly and severely liable for council tax and you would like to have the refund paid to only one named person on the bill, we will require written authorisation from all liable persons to verify that they are in agreement before the refund is issued. 

Written correspondence can be posted to the Council Tax Section, Revenues Department, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH.

Alternatively, you can complete the enquiry form below by selecting 'Something else' from the drop down box within the form and provide details of the refund authorisation. You can upload any written authorisation or documentation at this point to speed up the process.  

Enquiry form

The quickest, safest and easiest way to have your refund paid is directly into your bank account. Therefore, it would be helpful if you have your bank account details at hand before you complete the form below.

Apply for a refund

If you think you have overpaid, you can check your balance online by signing in or making a request to view your account online.

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