Newcastle proud to be supporting LGBT+ History Month

The Pride Progress flag is flying high at Newcastle Civic Centre in support of LGBT+ communities.
The Pride Progress flag flying, on the middle of three flagpoles, outside Newcastle Civic Centre. Alongside it are the national flags of Ukraine (left) and UK (right).

LGBT+ History Month has been celebrated every February since 2005 to support LGBT+ communities to claim their past, celebrate their present, and create their future.

Newcastle City Council is flying the Pride Progress flag, which symbolises lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and other people who have faced discrimination and hardship because of their sexual orientation or gender identity to encourage a more inclusive society.

Pam Perry, Newcastle City Council Director of Workforce and Inclusion, said: “Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of people in our city recognise that people should be celebrated for who they are. We’re a welcoming and inclusive city that is proud to share in each other’s identities.

“Sadly, we know there is progress to be made in our own society and, that in some parts of the world, simply being yourself can result in the death penalty.

“LGBT+ History Month is about recognising the incredible difficulties our communities have endured, highlight the challenges they continue to face, to educate, and enable everyone to reach their full potential regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“I’m really proud of the work that goes on in Newcastle to promote an inclusive society, and I hope we can lead by example to create a better world for everyone.”

With the Pride Progress flag raised at the Civic Centre, council officers and guests with the UNISON union are also holding a LGBT+ event this month to hear of the lived experiences of colleagues, how society impacts the mental health of LGBT+ people, and more.

2024 will also see the city’s Northern Pride celebrations move into the centre of Newcastle from its usual base on the Town Moor as more and more people are encouraged to get involved with celebrating LGBT+ people.

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