Council Plan sets pathway for Newcastle’s future

A plan to deliver a brighter future and the best outcomes for Newcastle people has been revealed.
Front cover image of Newcastle City Council's Council Plan 2024-27. A group of people sit on Newcastle's Quayside. The Tyne Bridge is in the background.

Newcastle City Council has outlined its priorities for the city with a clear focus on tackling poverty, creating an economy that works for all, and reaching Net Zero carbon emissions.

The overarching priorities have been set out in the authority’s new Council Plan 2024-27 and will underpin its wider plans for the city.

In publishing the plan, the council is setting out its vision for the future as it strives to deliver better and more inclusive opportunities for all its residents.

Cllr Nick Kemp, Leader of Newcastle City Council, said the plan will direct and inform the council’s entire operation, as well as how it works together alongside residents and other stakeholders in the city.

He said: “Tackling poverty, creating an inclusive economy, and achieving Net Zero have been priorities of ours since the very beginning of this administration, and they continue to be the drivers that will deliver a better future for all our residents.

“I’m incredibly proud of the collective efforts of everyone in the city that have seen great strides being made in all three areas, but there is still a long way to go.

“Alongside our commitment to delivering reliable services that offer value for money to residents, we know from having listened to residents and others in the city that these priorities matter to our communities who rightly want a bright and prosperous future for the city we all love.

“We’re a core UK city and the capital of the North East, and we’re proud of our reputation as a friendly, welcoming, and thriving city. We’re a city with a successful record of attracting foreign investment with flourishing industries, we have diverse communities and an expansive cultural offer, and strong business and transport connections within our region and further afield through road, rail, and an international airport.

“Our ambition is to ensure Newcastle is a city that enables all its residents to reach their full potential, where opportunities and outcomes are equal and inclusive throughout our communities, and that we work in partnership to provide a cleaner, greener future for all.”

The Council Plan provides a framework for council staff, residents and partners to better understand the role of the council within Newcastle, and how the local authority will work with the city to deliver improved outcomes around its three priorities:

Inclusive economy – Newcastle will be a city where opportunity flows to all, and everyone in the city can contribute to and benefit from Newcastle’s success.

Anti-poverty – Newcastle will be a fair and inclusive city where everyone is free to live healthy, happy lives.

Net Zero – Newcastle will be a city of the future, providing high-quality, sustainable housing and growing an inclusive, low-carbon economy.

It also embeds the principles upon which the council will deliver services to the city which are resident focused; sustainable and well governed; evidence and data driven; and equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

Cllr Kemp added: “This plan sets out how we intend to be a council everybody in Newcastle can be proud of, providing the services and outcomes people deserve.

“There are clearly-defined outcomes that set out our aspirations for improving every stage of residents’ lives in our city, giving people the best start in life as well as opportunities to live and age well in Newcastle.

“It is a bold and ambitious plan, and we’ll need support in delivering it. But I look forward to working in partnership with everyone in the city to achieve these goals and make our great city the best Newcastle it can possibly be.”

Newcastle City Council’s Council Plan 2024-27 is set be discussed by the council’s cabinet on Monday 19th February before being presented to a full meeting of the council on Wednesday 6th March.  Read the Council Plan here.