Have your say as a council tenant

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

As a landlord we need to make sure we provide good quality homes and services.

To do that we measure 22 key statistics, known as Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM).

The TSM cover five themes:

  • keeping properties in good repair
  • maintaining building safety
  • respectful and helpful engagement
  • effective handling of complaints
  • responsible neighbourhood management

We can measure 10 of the TSM ourselves. The other 12 need us to ask our tenants what they think.

Tenant Perception Survey

Each year we invite all our tenants to share their views during an 8 week census.

We do this by:

  • sending out survey questions and asking tenants to fill them in
  • speaking to tenants face-to-face to encourage them to take part
  • producing an easy read version of the survey for anyone with learning disabilities or for whom English is not a first language
  • offering the survey in other formats, such as other languages

We have also offered a prize of shopping vouchers to tenants who responded.

Over 4,500 tenants responded to our survey which took place from 1 December 2023 to 28 January 2024.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey results

For how we are performing according to the Tenant Satisfaction Measures see: