We've put together some guidance based on popular questions about our repairs service, including:

  • how to report a repair
  • your repair responsibilities
  • repair timescales
  • repair fees

Repairs information

Energy efficiency improvements

We’re making improvements to lots of properties across the city to make them more energy efficient – this is good news for the environment, but also great news for you if you live in one of those properties, as it will be warmer and more comfortable as a result, and you’ll save on your energy bills!

Energy efficiency information

Gas services

We carry out annual gas service and safety checks on gas appliances to ensure your safety and the safe running of your gas appliances. For information on gas safety and rebooking or missed gas service appointments, visit our gas services page.

Gas services

Making changes to your home

If you would like to make your own home improvements then you may need to request permission from us before the work is carried out. We have put together some guidance on making your own alterations and how to apply for permission to make changes to your home.

Apply to make a change to your home

Adaptations for elderly or disabled people

We are committed to providing safe and manageable homes for our customers. If you think that you require an adaptation to continue to live independently at home then we have put together some guidance on how to arrange an assessment to find out if you qualify for an adaptation.

How to apply for an adaptation


Newcastle City Council offers a range of apprenticeships, including within repairs and construction.

As a repairs and construction apprentice you will work alongside one of our dedicated mentors and deliver a service to over 26,000 homes within the City, as well as public buildings such as schools.

If you are aged 16 and over and looking for a hands on apprenticeship and to start a career then get in touch!