We believe that everyone has the right to a safe, affordable home.

If you are currently renting or buying your home though us, we've put together some helpful information about managing your home and tenancy.

My account

My account provides you with everything you need to know about your home and tenancy all in one place. 

Customers can log in to the My Account system to view information relating to your home and tenancy​. 

New customers can create an account by visiting my account and selecting the option to register.

What's included in My Account?

Rent and bills

We have put together some simple guidance on how you can make payments, how to view your rent account and statements and how to access help if you're struggling to make your rent payments. We also can offer helpful advice to help you manage your money and save on your energy bills.

Guide to rent and bills

Repairs and alterations

We are committed to providing safe and manageable homes for our customers. We have put together some helpful information on our repairs service and information about our gas services and safety checks. If you wish to make changes to your home, you can also find out more about applying for adaptations or alterations.

Repairs and alterations

Buying your home

Right to Buy is a government scheme which allows secure tenants the right to buy their council home at a discounted price. 

For important information about the things you will need to consider when deciding whether to exercise your right to buy see: 

How to buy your council home

Caretaker service

Our 24/7 caretaker service is responsible for managing all of our high rise properties across the city, keeping them clean, safe and tidy and listening to customers who provide feedback on the block. 

Caretaker service

Garden Care

Do you need a helping hand to keep your garden clean and tidy? For a small weekly fee, our garden care service offers an annual maintenance programme to help you with your gardening so that you can enjoy your garden all year round. 


If you own the lease to your property, we have put together helpful information on managing your home.

Information for leaseholders

Home contents 

Our furniture services offer high-quality affordable furniture and furniture rental packages.

Newcastle Furniture Service

Home safety

We have put together some safety advice for your home, from reporting and repairing hazards to staying safe around the home.

Guidance on home safety