Condensation and damp

A lot of moisture is produced in the air whenever we cook, run a bath/shower, or dry clothes in our homes. When this moisture meets a cold surface it turns into droplets of water called condensation and, if left, will develop into mould.

Condensation can be caused by issues in your home such as leaking pipes, blocked or leaking gutters, or damage to roofs or window frames which then let in rain.

It’s really important that any issues such as blocked gutters, leaks and gaps in between brickwork are reported as soon as possible so we can carry out the repair and prevent any damp - report online using My Account and we can arrange the repair and prevent any problems in your home.

Tips to manage condensation in your home

  • Open window trickle vents
  • Wipe away moisture whenever you see it
  • Use lids on pans when cooking
  • Leave a slight gap between furniture and walls
  • Make sure all rooms are regularly ventilated
  • If you dry clothes indoors, make sure there is good ventilation
  • Leave a slight gap between furniture and walls
  • Make sure extractors fans are switched on and working

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Cold air is more likely to deposit droplets of condensation round your home. Heating one room to a high level and leaving other rooms cold can make condensation worse in the unheated rooms, so where possible, it’s better to have a medium-to-low level of heat throughout the house.

If you think you may have a condensation problem in your home, please let us know so that we can help you. We can also help with any issues you may be having with your heating or ventilation - these two things can have a big impact on condensation.

Report online using the My Account online reporting tool or contact our repairs team.

Did you know?

Condensation in your home can lead to staining and mould growth, which can damage wallpaper, wall surfaces, window frames, furniture and clothing.

Need more information?

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