Meet our foster carers

We work with a diverse group of foster carers who have all had different experiences throughout their fostering journey. The heart of every carer is the support they provide for the children.

Hear about our carers experiences, advice and stories directly from them.

A teenage girl and baby
I'd always thought about fostering but when I first investigated it, I was frightened by the prospect. However when I talked to the team it became clear Supported Lodgings was something I could definitely do. I've had tenants in the past, which made it an obvious fit and I was immediately more comfortable with the idea.
Since registering I've welcomed five young people into my home, including two staying with me right now. It’s gone extremely well and there’s plenty of support should I ever need it. The opportunity to help someone take their next steps in society is very special and I'd encourage others to consider it.
- Melissa Johnson (Supported Lodgings carer)- When Melissa Johnson decided to find out whether fostering was for her, she had no idea that Newcastle City Council's Supported Lodgings scheme would ultimately provide the perfect solution.
I can pick up the phone at any time to get whatever support I need from the Council, whether this is advice, medical help or just to have someone to talk to. It's never lonely and the benefits far outweigh the challenges.
I consider myself extremely lucky. Nowadays I get to meet the adoptive parents when the handover takes place. While it is of course painful, I get to see how much the child will be loved and meet lovely new people. Best of all, where they want to stay in touch we do so and I have many children who see me as a grandparent type figure, which makes me happy.
- Margaret Watson- One of Newcastle City Council's longest running foster carers and was recently awarded an MBE for her commitment to the role and for her services to children.