Training and support

The right training is vital for any role and fostering is no different. In Newcastle, we’re committed to providing our foster carers with a wide range of training and development opportunities.That’s why we offer a calendar of training sessions throughout the year.

Some are mandatory courses and must be completed annually or every 2, 3 or 5 years and others are courses we think are relevant to children you may have in your care.

As a new carer, you will complete a portfolio of training under the Training, Support and Development Standards and be supported by our training coordinator and your supervising social worker throughout.

Learning can be accessed in many ways and we offer courses online so you can complete these at your own convenience or face-to-face which is a great opportunity to network with other foster carers.

As part of our package of training and support, you can come along to our monthly reflective sessions run by our Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist or our support and networking sessions.

We have a foster carer handbook which is provided to each carer.

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