Mockingbird - A network of carer support

Newcastle is a pilot area for The Fostering Network's Mockingbird programme. The Mockingbird Family Model brings foster carers together, around a hub home carer and liaison worker, who work together to support all of the carers and children in the community known as a constellation. Hub carers also provide sleepovers that are like going to stay with grandparents like an extended family.

Based on the support provided by extended families, this idea sees us bring together six to ten foster families.

Together they can:

  • build relationships
  • offer vital peer support
  • host social activities
  • increase placement stability and permanence
Mockingbird family model

The "constellation" of support offered through the Mockingbird model.

Carers can become "satellite carers" to be part of the model. A Satellite carer is a normal fostering household which joins the "constellation" with the children they currently have in their care.

A constellation is a group of six to 10 carer households in the Mockingbird pilot that operates like an extended family.

Nothing will change for a carer who becomes a satellite carer and joins the constellation. They will simply become part of an ‘extended family’ and have access to support and training from the Hub Home Carer, including sleepovers for children of the satellite carer.

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