Ways to pay your council tax bill

Council tax instalments

Council tax bills for the financial year are issued in March ready for payment from April. Your monthly payment date will be on 1st of each month unless you have opted to pay by Direct Debit in which case you have the choice of 28 payment dates. 

Council tax payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also request to pay over 12 months.

If you opt to pay monthly the instalments will be spread over 10 months from April through to January. However, if your instalments end in January or February, we may be able to spread them until March of the same financial year to reduce the monthly payments. 

Please note that bills issued part way through the financial year will not be given 12 months, but the instalments will be spread over the remaining months until March to reduce the amount you pay each month. 

If you do not want to pay by Direct Debit but would like to spread your instalments until March in the current financial year, please complete the form below:

Council tax 12 monthly instalment request

The easiest way to view and manage your council tax account is online by clicking the link below. Alternatively, you can check your instalments on your latest council tax bill.

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