Enforcement agents (bailiffs)

We will issue you with a liability order if you fail make payment by the due date on your bill or reminder. The liability order allows the council to enforce further recovery action against you.

We are then able to appoint enforcement agents to collect the amount of money you owe to us. Enforcement agents have authority to deal with all 'enforcement agent' proceedings on behalf of the council.

Enforcement fees

Once we pass your debt to an enforcement agent, they may apply additional fees as detailed below;

  • You will incur a compliance fee of £75.00 for each liability order obtained. The compliance fees will increase the outstanding balance on your account.

  • You must make a payment or contact the enforcement agent immediately. Failure to do so means they may visit your property. This will incur further enforcement fees of £235.00 which will increase your total debt even more.

  • If your debt is over £1,500 the fee will be higher, as they charge an extra 7.5% on any balance over £1,500.

For example: If your debt is £2,000 the fee would be the statutory £235 plus an extra 7.5% of £500 (500 x 7.5 = 37.50) = £272.50. They will round the balance up to the nearest pound, so the fees applied would be £273.

Sometimes it is necessary for the enforcement agents to sell your goods. If so, you will have to pay a further £110.00 fee, plus an extra fee of 7.5% on any balance over £1,500. The enforcement agent will arrange to remove your goods, such as;

  • vehicles
  • household goods
  • personal goods

These goods are then listed for sale at auction to raise funds and clear your debt.

In some instances, charges are also applied on other reasonable disbursements, such as;

  • cost of storing goods,
  • cost of hiring a locksmith to gain access to premises,
  • auctioneer’s commission
  • costs of advertising the sale.

If you cannot pay the debt in full

You must direct all payments and offers of payment to the enforcement agent.

The enforcement agent will attempt to recover the debt outstanding in full. If you are unable to clear the balance you must contact the enforcement agent straight away.

They will consider any proposals for you to make a payment arrangement. This may avoid further enforcement agent fees and you having to pay more than necessary.

We currently use the following enforcement agents:

Newcastle City Council In-House Compliance and Enforcement Team:

Phone 0191 277 4770


Jacobs Enforcement Agents

Phone: 0345 601 2692,

Website: Jacobs Enforcement

Address: Jacobs, 6 Europa Boulevard, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 4PE


Equita Enforcement Agents:

Phone: 01604 628 360

Website: Equita Enforcement

Address: Equita Ltd, 42 – 44 Henry Street, Northampton, NN1 4BZ

For information on our agents code of conduct please click below:
 Code of conduct

Vulnerable people

Vulnerable people should contact the enforcement agent straight away. They may ask you to confirm your vulnerability, so you can receive the appropriate help.