Court summons and liability orders

If you fail to pay the amount overdue on the reminder notice, the full balance on your account will become due. We can then apply to Newcastle Magistrates Court to issue a summons to all named people on the account.

If you receive a summons there will be costs of £60.00 added to the account.

You must pay the full balance, including costs, before the court hearing date. This will prevent further recovery action against you.

If the balance is not paid then we will ask the Magistrates to issue a liability order. If you receive a liability order there will be a further £50.00 court costs added to your account.

The liability order will allow us to recover the debt by either

  • making deductions direct from your earnings.
  • making deductions direct from your benefits.
  • sending your outstanding debt to an enforcement agency.
  • apply for a charging order on your property.
  • taking bankruptcy action.
  • committal to prison.

Each court summons issued will have an payment arrangement enclosed. If you can not afford the payment arrangement, then it is important that you contact us straight away.

Please call us on 0191 278 7878 and ask for council tax.

You can also complete the form below to provide details of your financial position. This will enable us to consider an alternative repayment arrangement:

Make an arrangement to pay online