New build property

If your property is newly built, it may not yet have been allocated a band by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). You can check this online by searching for your council tax band.

Your council tax is calculated using the valuation band of the property, the number of adult residents and details of any appropriate discounts, exemptions, disregards or reductions.

A dwelling is allocated one of eight bands according to its market value at 1 April 1991, but be aware that the price of your home today is not a good guide as to what your band should be.

If your home has been built recently it may not have a council tax band yet. If it does, you can find out your council tax band below:

Check your Council Tax band

We are unable to issue a bill until the VOA have assigned a band and this can take a while. Once the band is confirmed we will issue a bill detailing instalments. It is recommended to start putting money aside in case this takes a long time to enable you to keep your instalments as low as possible. You can contact the company who you have purchased your home from to obtain an estimated band, as this is usually estimated within the building plans.

Advise us if you have moved in to a new build property

The form below should only be used if you have purchased or moved in to a newly built property which has not yet been allocated a council tax band. We are unable to issue a bill or provide a council tax reference number until the Valuation Office Agency have assigned a band and therefore we recommend that you put money aside. Please provide as much detail as possible on this form so that the newly built property can be set up for council tax to avoid further delays.

New build property form

If you are unable to find your address or think your band is wrong

If you are not able to find your property details, contact the VOA for information on your property's council tax band.

Alternatively, if you think your band is wrong you can appeal against your banding by contacting the VOA and not the council. You must continue to pay your existing bill while you are waiting for the results of an appeal.

Contact Valuation Office Agency

Council tax band charges for 2023/2024

To find out how much the council tax charge is on your property, please visit the link below.

Council tax bands

More information of how your council tax is made up and how it is spent is available below.

Council tax explained