Apply for Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support (CTS also referred to as Council Tax Reduction CTR) is a council tax discount for working age people. It reduces the amount of council tax you must pay. The size of the discount you get depends on your income and household size.

There is a different national Council Tax Support scheme for people who have reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit or the State Retirement Pension. This scheme is a means tested scheme based on your income, savings or investments.

This is an addition.

You may be eligible for Council Tax Support if you:

  • live in the UK,
  • pay council tax,
  • are on a low income and,
  • have savings less than £6,000 if you are working age or less than £16,000 if you have reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit or the State Retirement Pension 

Before you start the application it would be helpful if you could have all details relating to your income and finance at hand. Please use the form below to apply for a new claim of Council Tax Support.

Apply here for Council Tax Support

If you are already receiving Council Tax Support, you must remember that you need to tell the council of all changes in circumstances that affect the amount of council tax you pay within 21 days of the change taking place, whether this means that you pay more or less. To report a change in circumstances please click below:

Advise us of a change in circumstances

If you fail to report that your circumstances have changed, the council may impose a penalty of £70.00. If you fail to tell us on more than one occasion the penalty may be increased to £280.00.


You must still pay the amount on your council tax bill until you hear from us and have been awarded any reduction. Any over-payment will automatically be refunded if you have paid by Direct Debit, or a credit notice will be issued so that you can claim a refund.