Ward committee funding

Funding for smaller projects or events which focus on specific neighbourhoods or up to four council ward areas.

Information you need to apply for a ward committee grant

To avoid delays to your application, where relevant, you will need to provide your:

  • constitution or governing document - this is a document that sets out how you are governed, such as Articles and Memorandum of Association (the exact document will depend on your legal structure) 
  • equal opportunities statement or equalities and diversity policy (If it is not included in your governing document)
  • safeguarding policy - if your project will involve children and young people or vulnerable adults, you will need to upload a safeguarding policy which includes details on how you keep children and young people/vulnerable adults safe, including your vetting procedures for staff and volunteers
  • insurance policies - you may need to include buildings (if you manage the building), public liability (if you manage the building and are running an event), contents (if you are buying equipment), employers liability (if you employ staff), motor (if you have a vehicle on the road), or other relevant insurance - this includes the front cover of your policy, showing when it expires
  • risk assessment - if you are running an event that is open to the public, you will need to upload a risk assessment
  • a list of postcodes of where the people who will benefit from your project live, if possible

A vulnerable adult is someone who:

  • is aged over 18
  • may need care services because of mental, physical or learning disability, age or illness
  • cannot always protect themselves from harm

Evidence you need to include

You may also need to include the following evidence: 

  • evidence of costs - if you are planning to purchase items or pay for services with your grant, you must provide evidence to explain these costs (this could include website links showing prices, or quotes from suppliers)
  • evidence of how many people you think will benefit from your project, and explain how you calculated this figure (for example, if you are running an event, you may know from previous events how many people usually attend)