Newcastle Fund

Grants of up to £25,000 for projects delivered by the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Newcastle.

What the Newcastle Fund funds

We can fund costs for specific activities or projects, or core running costs such as the costs of renting a building or employing a staff member. 

Your project or activity costs can include the overhead costs involved in running that project. However, we’re keen to understand any other match funding you may have or intend to apply for that will support the sustainability of your project.  

We aim to support residents to build sustainable community resources, by using the assets that already exist in those communities. 

What funding is for

We seek applications from voluntary, community or social enterprise (VCSE) organisations that support the Council’s three overarching priorities:

  • inclusive economy
  • anti poverty
  • net zero

To do that, we support projects which use the skills and knowledge of local people to: 

Build community connections

For example, by: 

  • helping to create a stronger sense of communities, a richer environment and a more robust economy by inspiring residents to develop the place they live
  • delivering socially inclusive projects

Improve individuals’ connections

For example, by: 

  • reducing loneliness and isolation or exclusion 
  • helping individuals to regain confidence
  • helping individuals connect to their communities

Improve health and wellbeing

For example, by: 

  • preventing loss of independence and minimising the need for higher cost or crisis interventions
  • helping people take control over and improve their own health and wellbeing
  • ensuring people have the skills and support to have the foundations for a stable LIFE - that's somewhere to Live, Income, Freedom from excessive debt, and Employment opportunities
  • enabling young people to have a good start in life
  • supporting wellbeing of people with long term conditions or who belong to vulnerable groups
  • recognising and building on people’s untapped skills, strengths, aspirations, and networks to improve their own and others wellbeing and health

What we cannot fund

Your application must not be for:

  • costs or activities before 1 April 2024 or after 31 March 2025
  • costs associated with submitting an application
  • activity which targets beneficiaries who are not Newcastle residents