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Moving in

You will need your business rates reference number. It begins with 69 or 70 and is on the top of your bill. 

You are liable for business rates from the date you buy or rent a property. So, you must tell us if you are either:

  • starting a new business.
  • moving your business in to Newcastle City area.
  • moving your business to a different property.
  • changing the use of a domestic property to a business property.

You must tell us within 21 days of the change taking place to allow us to quickly issue a correct bill.

Please ensure that the information provided is accurate as it may result in you having to pay more business rates than necessary if the information you provide is false or incorrect.

Before you start

We will need to know the following details. Please have this information at hand before you complete the form:

  • Full address details of the property you have moved your business from
  • Full address details of the property you are moving your business to
  • Landlord or agent’s details and any joint tenant details if you've been a tenant
  • New owner or occupier details
  • Bank details if you want to set up a Direct Debit to pay your business rates

You must also provide a copy of the property lease or confirmation of the sale of the property (such as the TR1 form).

Tell us about a change of business address

You must tell the council of any changes that may affect the amount you pay within 21 days of the change. Failure to do so could result in you paying more business rates than necessary.